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Our Purpose

To promote trade, economic and technical cooperation and tourism between the Philippines and Australia.

To establish a channel of communication with its counterpart in Australia and with other agencies and organizations concerned with the promotion of Philippine-Australian economic and business relations.

To foster friendship and understanding between the business communities of the Philippines and Australia in general, and in particular, to establish closer cooperation in those areas which will enhance the growth of the Philippines.

To promote missions and arrange receptions of visitors when considered appropriate.

Philippines Australia Business Council

The Philippines Australia Business Cooperation Committee (PABCC), now called Philippines-Australia Business Council (PABC), was jointly organized in Metro Manila in July 1975 by the Philippine Chamber of Industries under its then Chairman, Mr. Raul Boncan and the Council of Economic Development under its then President, Mr. David Sycip. It has a counterpart Council in Australia, the Australia Philippines Business Council (APBC), which was also established in July 1975.

"Our collective advocacy is that both the Philippines and Australia, working closely together, can certainly mutually benefit from its shared values and goals."

Message from the Chairman

March 27, 2017

Greetings from the Philippines Australia Business Council!

On behalf of the PABC, I welcome you to the council’s new website that has been launched in 2018. The new website has a more dynamic and modern look and makes use of the latest tools to enable the council to provide the members and visitors with the latest information on the activities and advocacies of PABC.

The PABC continues its more than 40 years of advocacy to promote trade and investment between the Philippines and Australia. The council is pleased to continue its long-standing mission to foster friendship and understanding between the business communities of Philippines and Australia. Through the work of the council and its individual members in various fields and industries of benefit to both countries, and the collaboration between Filipinos and Australians in the private sector and government here and in Australia, we have moved forward many of the advocacies that both countries share.

With the continuing economic development of the Philippines, one of best performers in Asia, the council will seek to contribute to this success story through its advocacy in the fields of information technology/business process outsourcing, mineral resource development, social security arrangements, dairy and agriculture, tourism, and disaster risk reduction and mitigation.


Dennis A. Quintero
PABC Chair


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