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PABC September General Membership Meeting - With the Filipino Australian Health Professionals Inc.

September 3 2020

The Philippines Australia Business Council held its September General Membership Meeting through zoom videoconference on 3 September 2020, 2 pm, with speakers from the Filipino Australian Health Professionals Inc. (fahpi.org.au). The topic of the webinar was “Looking Through the Different Lenses of COVID-19 Response: The Filipino-Australian Perspective”.

The presentations explored the experiences of Australia through the lenses of Filipino-Australian health professionals. The speakers spoke about the COVID-19 response in various levels and facets of health and public health practice. They shared information and experience in the health response and public policy in the midst of the pandemic, as well as individual patient care and the hospital setting in Australia.


Dr. VJ Ibay, FAHPI Director of Advancement, Research, and Policy: “Australian health system/COVID epidemiological approach (i.e. epidemiological modelling, lessons learned from the first wave, measures in place)”

Dr. Mon Seastres, Director of Medical Program: “Clinical COVID response approach (i.e. treatment, controversies)”

FAHPi is a group of Filipino Australian Health professionals committed to provide support to all of its members practicing within Canberra and the surrounding region of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to ensure the continuous development and enrichment of their respective disciplines. Recently, FAHPi donated and shipped from Australia two ICU dialysis machines with supplies to the Southern Philippines Medical Center, Davao City.

Dr. Kaye H. de Guzman PTRP, MD, FPCP

representing the Philippine Department of Health
Member, COVID19 Medical Response Team, Medecins Sans Frontieres, San Lazaro Hospital

Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
The panel members sharing their experiences and learnings from a Philippine and US perspective, respectively, were:

Sandra A. Quintero-Adofina
US-based Nurse
VA Hospital, Department of Veteran Affairs, Baltimore, Maryland
(formerly with the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltim